There are many ways of auto posting your blogger posts to twitter but you are going to learn one of the easiest and customizable ways to auto post from blogger to twitter.

WordPress Users have plugins which makes works easier for them to auto post from their blog to different social media platforms. In the blogspot platform, feedburner can be very useful.

As you know, Feedburner is a free email service provider that many bloggers use to manage their blog's email lists and subscription. There are many other functionalities in it one of which is automatic hashtagging of your posts with relevant hashtags that will help you improve your blog one of which is auto posting from your blog to twitter.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use feedburner to autopost on twitter from your blog.

How To Autopost from Blogger to Twitter Via Feedburner

Step 1: Sign In To your Feedburner Account with your blogger gmail account. If don't have one, you can create it now at

Step 2: Choose The Blog You want to autopost on twitter.

Step 3:

Select Publicize from the Menu bar.

Step 4: Select Socialise from the sidebar options.

Step 5:

Customise the twitter auto post while watching a snippet of your latest changes.

For the mean time, twitter is the only social media included in this service. Hopefully, more will be added by Google as time goes on.

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