Professional Bloggers are Authority Bloggers who have grown to become experts in their niches and are earning or capable of earning full-time income from their blogs.

Blogging is a process so is the road to becoming a pro blogger. I don't doubt the fact that in a few more months to come, you will be well closer to your goal of becoming an authority blogger in your niche.
What Makes You A Professional Blogger?
A Blogger is said to be a pro when he or she has attained a stage where  they can be regarded as authority in their niches. There is always a magnificent difference between an amateur blogger and a pro blogger. They do things differently.
A typical difference between a professional blogger and an amateur blogger is the difference in their blog monetization strategy. Another one is in the readership base and profit margin.
When you have been able to stand out from the crowd of other blogs and provide genuine value to the masses in such a way that people are always eagerly waiting for you to inform them of the latest update in their niche, you've began to build up authority and its safe to say you're a professional blogger.

5 Steps To Becoming a Professional (Authority) Blogger

Before I proceed to guide you on how you can be a professional blogger, let me correct you in case you were not aware, being a pro blogger doesn't imply getting married to one CMS.
Dave Lucas built his blog on Blogger. Pat Flynn of SPI built his on WordPress. Blogger or WordPress it doesn't matter. All that matters is of what value is your information to the masses.
To becoming Professional at Blogging:

1. Focus on a Specific Niche

Don't write about one thing today and an entirely different thing tomorrow. You'll lose repeat visitors who were actually the real readers of your blog.
If you are in the health niche for example, let your post be well targeted at those who want to improve their health status.

2. Write Useful and Engaging Articles

Your Articles must be able to help readers in one way or the other as that is the only way of staying in your readers mind and subsequently keeping them coming back for more.
Do proper research and find out what your articles your audience would love to read and tailor your articles to suit those areas. .

3. Connect with Influencers in Your Niche.

Look for the those who have more experience than you and connect with them. Your can write guest post and submit to them. Comment on their blog posts just make yourself and your blog known to them.
In no time, their influence will pass to you and you'll begin to see results.

4. Learn SEO and Content Marketing

Learn how to increase the reach of your content. Some ways you can do this is through Search Engine Optimization and marketing your content through social media.
Every year, new trends emerge in the world of content marketing and SEO so you need to be current and informed about such trends. Read other blogs and know what's going on in order to learn from their strategies and methods.

5. Try To Make Money off Your Blog.

For beginners, Google AdSense and other ads network is a good place to start with. You can try selling ebooks and other helpful materials to your audience.
Offering your services to your readers is also probably good too. All you need is a working strategy for monetizing your blog. Remember,
Professional bloggers earn good income from their blogs so should you if you want to become a pro blogger.
If these tips were helpful, just take few seconds to share them to your friends so they can also learn out of the much you've learnt. Sharing is caring.



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