Learn how to turn that laptop in a cash-producing machine. You might wonder how? I will show you proven ways you can turn that laptop in a reliable source of Income for you. Don't sit another day with that laptop without making money from it. Put it to work and see the fruits in form of cash and satisfaction.
make money with laptop in nigeria

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What are those profitable ways of using your Laptop to generate income in Nigeria? You are currently in need of money but you have a laptop with you. Use these means i will list to you below to get that money you want.

N/B: It doesn't involve scamming or defrauding people. These are all legitimate means you can use to make money with your laptop here in Nigeria.

Ways To Make Money Now With Your Laptop In Nigeria

1. Check Exam Results for Students Online: Don't Underestimate the amount of money you can earn doing this. Everyday, secondary school students especially check one result or the other like JAMB, WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, Airforce, etc.
Even your mates in the tertiary Institution would have need of paying their school fees, or registering for one thing or the other. That's a great earning opportunity.

2. Make your Laptop a Mini-Cybercafe: All you simply need is data connection and you can sell time to colleagues to use it and go online. Prohibit Watching of videos so as to save your data cost and also install adblock and other data saving extensions to minimize data usage. You can Instantly generate Income from that one as Nigerians love surfing the net.

3. Print Documents and Check E-mail for people: If you have a workable printer, you can simply make money with it by printing email attachments or document for colleagues and charge them at standard rate. Some people even prefer to check their email from a computer even in the advent of the smartphone. That's another earning opportunity.

4. Train Another Person on Basic Computing Skills: You made a mistake thinking everybody knows computing because you know it. A lot of nigerians don't even know how to operate the mouse and are even willing to learn. To such people, you can be a private tutor and teach them those basic skills like typing, graphic designs, etc.

5. Install PC Games for Others : Nigerians, youths especially are so obsessed with computer games. Another Earning opportunity. If you have them in your system, rather than watsing precious time with it, why not install it for others who need them and make a little cash from it.

6. Write and Sell your articles: Can you write very well? then why not utilize that skill and sell your articles to sites that need them. Read this article on how to write and get paid in Nigeria

Those are some of the ways you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria. Apply them and start making money from that system.
Over to You, What other ways do you know which a typical Nigerian can make money from his laptop or computing skill.



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