Blogs are a very useful resource for information, entertainment and a way to express one's mind. We have blogs that talks about virtually anything. Yes, anything you can think of that might be of interest to you.

Are you a tech lover? Do you wish to be updated with fresh technology news and tips daily? Then we have compiled a list of the top ten best tech blogs you should be following in 2017.

These blogs are a wealth of resource regularly updated with fresh content on a daily basis with millions of readers. Another stand-out feature of these tech blogs is the relevance and style of presenting their news and various resource.

Their readership base is extremely large as millions of people, lovers of tech or not, troop in to see the latest 'release' from tech giants.

Top 10 Tech Blogs in 2017

Popularly known as 'The Social Media Guide'. Mashable is indeed a source of fresh and entertaining news concerning all the social media giants: facebook, twitter, whatsapp, flickr, etc. So, if you wish to be updated on the latest development from these social media companies, I highly recommend you become a regular reader of Mashable.

Originally founded by Michael Arrington, TechCrunch is one of the world's biggest tech site of all categories. A must go for every techie. They speialise in technology news, startups, inventions, techn giants and general tech info.
Another interesting source of fresh science and tech information from around the world. They pride themselves with the motto: "We come from the future." They indeed came from the future as their content is very entertaining and useful. A must follow for techies who love to read science fiction, watch advanced tech movies and loves sophisticated inventions.

GigaOM is a known for their expert analysis on emerging technological trends.They bring out expert opinions on emerging technological development. They bring you latest reseaech analysis on Artificial Intelligence with their daily "AI Update". A very useful resource for learning, research and emerging technological trends.

ZDNet is a global source of technology news and information. They provide solution to diiferent tech issues and also give tips on how you can use technology to further your business. One great thing about this website is their ability to tweak their post titles and make it captivating for readers.

Also a brand in the tech niche. Engadget features reviews, tech news, artificial intelligence, tech tutorials and many more information. It is a highly visited blog because of its usefulness and manner of presenting technological information and gadget reviews.



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