Vehicle Particulars in Nigeria - Every Typical Nigerian should know the vehicle particulars his or her car should have if you wish to avoid the Federal Road Safety Corp FRSC harassment or even from the Nigerian Police Force (If they are permitted at all).

vehicle particulars in nigeria

Its not always easy to escape from the hands of the road safety officials if you are caught missing any of this important vehicle documents. So its important you know about these important documents you be sure you possess before moving your car out of the road.

Now what are the most Important vehicle particulars in Nigeria that every driver must possess before driving his or her vehicle off the road. Let's see them below.

Important Vehicle Particulars in Nigeria to Avoid FRSC or Police Harassment

  1.  A valid and Up-to-date Driver’s License
  2.  Your Vehicle license 
  3.  An Insurance Certificate 
  4.  Certificate of Road Worthiness.
  5.  CMR (Police report)
  6.  A Tinted permit if your vehicle has a tinted glass (Very important)

These are the 5 most Important Vehicle particulars in Nigeria that is required by the government.



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