9Mobile Unlimited Browsing Via Anonytun

Hello Readers, Today I want to show you how you can enjoy the blazing hot 9Mobile unlimited browsing via Anonytun VPN. Just N400 on your 9mobile SIM, you can rock this tweak perfectly. Let's see how to do it.

Please not that this tweak is working perfectly. You can use it for streaming and downloading videos. You don't need to be in any special Tariff Plan or have any special SIM card. All 9mobile Users is free to enjoy this tweak.

How To Use 9mobile Unlimited Browsing Via Anonytun

This tweak was is similar to 9Mobile YouTube Plan of 400 Naira which allows you to stream videos on youtube for 2 hours. It is recommended only for those who have heavy files or movies to download, because it is valid for just 2 hours.

Materials Needed

  • Your Android phone or tablet
  • Your 9Mobile SIM (formally Etisalat) 
  • N400 Airtime
  • AnonyTun Beta v5.0 - Download it Here
  • Stable and good 3G network

To Subscribe For 9Mobile Youtube 2 Hours Plan

  • Recharge your sim with N400
  • Subscribe to YouTube 2 hours, which cost N400 by dialing *200# and select option 3 consecutively.
  • Now you have successfully subscribed to YouTube 2 hours

To Download Unlimited For 2 Hour Via AnonyTun Beta

Launch AnonyTun Beta.
  • Tap on CONFIGURACIÓN (Stealth Settings)
  • Then turn on Tunel VPN ON/OFF
  • Change Connection Protoco to HTTP
  • Change Puerto to 8081
  • Turn on PAYLOAD (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)
Click on EDITAR PAYLOAD (Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)

Now use below settings

  • URL/Host: myaccount.google.com
  • Request method: POST
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick User-Agent
  • Tick Keep-Alive
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked
Click on GENERATE, then Save
Finally, click on CONECTAR, wait a few seconds for AnonyTun Beta to connect.

Fire up any browser and enjoy unlimited downloading with it!

CC: Shelaf World of Technology

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