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How To See JAMB 2018 Exam Date And Exam Center

You Are Reading About How To See JAMB 2018 Exam Date And Exam Center

How To Check Your JAMB Exam Date And Center For 2018 JAMB Exam.

The Procedures on how to print JAMB Examination details such a Center (Venue), Date and Time of the Examination will be discussed in details below.


Many Candidates has been so worried to know if JAMB Has started sending Exam date and Center for the Main examination which will be commencing around March 2018.

We are discussing How To Check Your JAMB Exam Date And Center For 2018 JAMB Exam

This is to inform all candidates that since registrations has closed, the exam venue (Centre), Date and Time will now be sent to candidates by JAMB.

JAMB has announced that candidates are to start checking they JAMB exam Date And Center Starting 18th of February 2018.

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We are still going to update this post to inform all our JAMB Aspirants on when to start checking for the Main JAMB Examination Center and Date. But for now, we are going to show you the Procedures in Printing your Examination details for JAMB 2018.

How To Check And Print JAMB Exam Center, Date And Time

There are two methods in which candidates can use and check or access their JAMB Exam Date and Center:

Method 1: By Visiting JAMB Website

1. Visiting JAMB Website: Since JAMB Reprinting is done online, you need to visit the website which contains all the records for all JAMB Candidates. So,  visit JAMB website by clicking

2. Login to Jamb Profile: After successfully loading and opening JAMB Website as shown above, you need to Click on Create E-facility Account/Login  and wait for the page to load.

3. Username And Password: You will now see a space for your username and Password. Enter your login details there.

4. After Successful login, look at the right corner of the page; and click on ‘Re-Print Your Slip’.

5.You should now see a space for you to enter your JAMB Registration Number. write your JAMB registration number in the space and then click ‘Re-Print’.

6. The next thing you will see is your JAMB Print out which contains the information of your exact date,time and venue of the exam.

Method 2: Checking JAMB Date And Center Via Email Address

As an Option Candidates are to login to the Email address they use to register for their JAMB Profile and Look for an Email From JAMB containing their Exam Date and Center.

They are to Download and Print out the PDF File sent to them by JAMB and Come with it on the day of their Examination.

Note: JAMB has not sent all Exam Date and Center to all Candidates, they are still sending it Batch by Batch. So candidates are to keep on checking they email address.

JAMB May also send the details to Individual Email Addresses of Candidates who has registered for the Exam.

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How To Check Your JAMB Exam Date And Center For 2018 JAMB Exam

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