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Latest Glo Data Plans 2017 and Subscription Codes [FULL LIST]

You Are Reading About Latest Glo Data Plans 2017 and Subscription Codes [FULL LIST]

latest glo data plan

Glo Data Plan has become irresistible to many internet users in Nigeria. The reason Glo released these plans is to actually make them the true grandmasters of Data which they have now become. Although it was reported that they recently slashed their data volume, they still remain favourites for many.

You can also read about MTN Data plan, Etisalat Data plan or Airtel Data Plan by clicking on their respective links as represented. This page talks about the NEW glo data plan and how to suscribe for them individually.

Here are the Latest Glo Data Plan and Subscription 2017

Glo has done a good job of breaking down their data plans into several categories to serve users’ need. Infact, you must have heard of the red hot Glo 4G data plan. It actually browses at high speed in any mobile device or Laptop you use.

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So, below are the cheapest Glo Data plans 2017.

Cheapest Glo Data Plan 2017

1. 50 Naira=15MB

This is the cheapest data plan offered by glo. You will be given 15MB once you suscribe. It is billed to last for 24-hours after which it expires. To suscribe, dial *127*14#.

2. 100 Naira=35MB

This glo data plan comes in two dimensions. One is glo campus booster data plan which gives you 250MB when on campus and 100MB off campus. The second gives you 35MB only as the normal 100 Naira data plan on glo. This plan is to last for 48 hours (2 days). To suscribe, dial *127*51#.

3. 200 Naira=70MB

The 200 naira plan on glo gives you 70MB. Just like the 100 Naira plan, it comes in two ways: the normal plan and the campus booster plan. This particular plan is to last for 72 hours (3 days) before expiring. To suscribe for it, dial *127*56#.

4. 500 Naira=800MB

This is one of glo’s best data plan especially for mobile users and laptop users. This plan enormously gives you 800MB and it will last for 7 days. To suscribe for the 500 Naira plan, dial *127*57#.

Glo Monthly data plan

5. 1000 Naira=1.6GB

Glo 1000 Naira plan gives you 1.6GB when you make the suscription. This plan is very economical and cheap relative other networks. It is a monthly suscription so it will last for a month. To suscribe for it, dial *127*53#.

6. 2000 Naira=3.2GBGB

This plan is part of the glo monthly data plan. You are given 3.2GB for 2000 Naira. It will last for 30 days (1 month). To suscribe, dial *127*55#.

7. N2500=7.5GB

This bundle provides you a whooping 7.5GB which is billed to last up till one month. To suscribe for the 2500 Naira plan, dial *127*58#.

8. N3000=10GB

As clearly stated above, this plan gives you 10GB for your browsing. It is slated to last for one month because it is a monthly plan. Dial *127*54# to subscribe.

9. N4000=12GB

This plan allots 12GB of glo data to you. It is a monthly data plan as such, it will last for a month. To suscribe, dial *127*59#.

11. 5000 Naira=24GB to last 30-days. Dial *127*2#

12. 8000 Naira=48GB to last 30-days. Dial *127*1#

13. 15000 Naira=60GB to last 30-days. Dial *127*12#

14. 18000Naira= 90GB to last 30-days. Dial *127*13#

How to Suscribe for Glo Data Plan

To suscribe for any of these plans, kindly dial the code associated with any of them or simply dial *777# and select a plan of your choice. To know more about glo data plan or subscription, kindly visit their website at or call glo customer care with 121 or 200 for assistance. Kindly share this with your friends if you are satisfied with the information.

How To Stop Auto renewal of glo data plan

To stop the auto-renewal of your mb in glo, simply send an SMS with the word ‘STOP‘ in block letters to ‘127‘. Also see how to stop auto renewal of your mb in mtn airtel and etisalat, click that link.

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