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Social Media Backlinks and Its Powerful SEO and Rankings Benefits

You Are Reading About Social Media Backlinks and Its Powerful SEO and Rankings Benefits

Social Media backlinks is one of the most powerful source of backlinks for your Blog. As a Blogger, if you disregard social media backlinks In your link-building campaign, you are missing out a lot.

As you know, Backlinks are Links from other webites pointing to your site. That simply means if I link to your site from my site, you have a backlink from my website.

Why is this important?

According to, Backlinks is among the top 3 google Ranking factors. In order words, if you are in need of organic traffic, you need high-quality backlinks.

What Makes a Link High Quality?

Links to your websites from authority sites is a high-quality back link. Now when we mention authority sites, what usually comes to mind is, and other popular sites. Now do you know you don’t need links from them to rank high in the search engines?

Here is why. We have dozens of sites that have more authority than them which offers you a link for free. Now what are these sites?

1. (PR9)
10. Google Plus


And dozens of many others across the web. Now you might say, but these are just social media sites. Yes they are. That’s why I want to tell why social media back links are so powerful yet easy to get.

Social Media Back links and SEO

Among the 200 Google ranking factors, social media plays a very important role. First, to give search engines the social signals needed for ranking your site and secondly, to givve you strong and obscenely powerful backlinks.

I recently analysed a high ranking Nigerian site, and what I found literally amazed me. A good percentage of its backlinks came from social media and a few from nairaland. Links from other sites in his niche were minimal. And this was performing extremely well In the search engines.

That is to prove to you the Importance of social media backlinks. And even better its free. You can easily create a profile with any of this social media sites and include your link in the signature or website box.

That is a powerful backlink you’ve just made. Interact with others in these social media sites and share your links. Its far better than getting links from low-quality sites which can get you penalise you and subsequently decrease your rankings.

I’ll be creating a guide that will help you get high quality back links from forums and some social media sites like reddit and Facebook.

Over to you, what are your thoughts on the importance of social media back links to SEO? Let’s hear you in the comment section.

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