Glo WelcomeBack Promo: Get 6000 Naira Free Credit Instantly as You load 100 Naira

Glo welcomeback promo bonus
Glo WelcomeBack Bonus gives you 6000 Naira free credit when you load 100 Naira. Glo has been doing great theses days in terms of giving out promos and bonuses just like the recent glo formula and now they have introduced the WelcomeBack promo.

The 6000 Naira worth of Airtime Credit can be used to make calls. According to some reports, It is said that glo users who have not recharged their line for one month are the set of people eligible for this offer.

To enjoy the glo WelcomeBack promo, you must be a glo user and you must not have recharged your line for 1 month. You will then receive a message in this format.
Dear customer, we value your friendship and have credited your account with N6000. Recharge ur Glo line to unlock ur FREE credit. Dial #122*34# to check balance.

How to subscribe for Glo WelcomeBack promo

Now all you need to do is to wipe that glo simcard and Insert it back into your phone. Load 100 Naira and you will earn your free 6000Naira credit.

As I said, the glo WelcomeBack promo is exclusive for glo users who have not recharged their Line for one month. All you need to do is to load 100 Naira on the line and enjoy the wonders of the WelcomeBack promo.

How To Check your Glo WelcomeBack Bonus Balance

To check your glo welcomeback bonus, all you need to do is to dial #122*34# and then send. Your Glo welcomeback balance would appear immediately.
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Etisalat, Glo, MTN, Airtel Night Data Plan Bundle Subscription codes

night plan for mtn etisalat glo airtelThis is a full list of the night data plan bundle for Airtel, MTN, Glo and Etisalat. All their subscription and USSD codes will be revealed to you here. As you know, Internet surfers in Nigeria loves subscribing the night plan bundle.

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The reason for their choice is the flexibility, cheapness, speed and efficiency the night plan bundle affords them. Being at midnight, the night plan bundle kicks off at 12am to 4am for MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. It varies for each of the networks. So, if you wish to subscribe the bundle, you need to be ready to stay awake all night.

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The data volume which these bundle affords subscribers is ernomous. So, these plans is always best if you want to make large file downloads. The speed is also something to reckon with. These bundles are also useable on any device: Android phones, laptops, Iphones, etc.

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Airtel Night Plan Data Bundle

Airtel Night Plan is one of the best night plan ever. It is relatively cheap, fast, hitch-free and easy to suscribe. Their night plan bundle is the cheapest night bundle among all other networks. To subscribe for airtel night plan, follow the steps below.

How To Suscribe Airtel Night Plan

To Subscribe for the airtel night plan, you need to be in a tariff plan called Smart Trybe. What is this smart trybe all about? Airtel Smart Trybe allows you to subscribe for the night plan and its exclusive to airtel users. If you an airtel user, and you want to subscribe to the night plan bundle, you must first migrate to the Smart Trybe.

To migrate to the airtel smart trybe, dial *312#. And then migrate. After you have successfully done this, its time to suscribe for your night plan bundle. Now folllow the steps below.
1. Dial *321# again.
2. Press 3 to select Trybe night browsing.
3. Select any night pan of your choice and proceed to buy it.
The airtel night plan last from 12am-5am. It has two bundles, the 25 naira for 500mb bundle and the 200 naira for 1.5gb bundle

MTN Night plan and how to subscribe

The MTN Night plan is quite easy to activate. In fact, MTN night plan is one of the fastest night plans. To subscribe for the MTN Night plans, all you need to do is to:
1. Dial *198#.
2. Then Select 2.
3. Select 8 next.
It will then display a list of all MTN Night Plans from which you can make your choice from. Here is a list of the MTN Night Plans and their validity period.
1. 200 Naira - 1GB (9PM - 6AM)
2. 500 Naira - 2.5GB (9PM - 6AM)
3. 1000 Naira - 5GB (9AM - 6AM)

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How To Subscribe for Glo Night Plan bundle

The Glo night Plan comes in different variants. The Night only plan and the weekend TGIF Plan.
The Night Only Plan: The Night only plan is accessible from 12am to 5am and exclusively has just that package. Its validity period is just a night. So, if the data is exhausted or not within that time frame, it just expires.

Price: 200 Naira
Volume Allocated: 1GB
Validity Period: 12am - 5am
Subscription Code: *127*60#
SMS Subscription: Send 60 to 127

Glo Weekend TGIF Plan: The Glo TGIF Data bundle is just 500 Naira but comes with a whooping 3GB data allocation. Validity period is just 7 days. Just like the night only plan, it is only accessible between 12am to 5am at night and also useable on weekend from 12am on a Saturday to 11:59pm the following Sunday.

Price: 500 Naira
Volume Allocated: 3GB
Validity period: One week
Subscription Code: *127*61#
SMS Subscription: Text 61 to 127

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Etisalat Night Plan and how to subscribe

Etisalat has always been known to be unique in their way of doing things and their night plan bundle is not an exception. Etisalat Night Plan is the cheapest after Airtel night plan.

They offer 50 Naira for 2550MB and 200 Naira for 1GB Plan. It is also Important to note that the etisalat night plan is only available on the easycliq tariff plan and is accessible from 12am to 5am at night.

To migrate to the easycliq tariff plan, dial *244*1#. Then see the list below to see how you can subscribe for the etisalat night plan.

Price: 50 Naira for 250MB and 200 Naira for 1GB
Accessibility: 12am to 5am
Subscription code: *229*10# for 250mb plan or *229*11# for 1GB Plan.

This list is quite comprehensive enough to give you all the Airtel, MTN, Etisalat, Glo Night Plan Bundle. Enjoy and please don't forget to share with your friends.

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5 Quick Ways To Make Money With Your Laptop In Nigeria

make money with laptop in nigeria
Learn how to turn that laptop in a cash-producing machine. You might wonder how? I will show you proven ways you can turn that laptop in a reliable source of Income for you. Don't sit another day with that laptop without making money from it. Put it to work and see the fruits in form of cash and satisfaction.

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What are those profitable ways of using your Laptop to generate income in Nigeria? You are currently in need of money but you have a laptop with you. Use these means i will list to you below to get that money you want.

N/B: It doesn't involve scamming or defrauding people. These are all legitimate means you can use to make money with your laptop here in Nigeria.

Ways To Make Money Now With Your Laptop In Nigeria

1. Check Exam Results for Students Online: Don't Underestimate the amount of money you can earn doing this. Everyday, secondary school students especially check one result or the other like JAMB, WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, Airforce, etc.
Even your mates in the tertiary Institution would have need of paying their school fees, or registering for one thing or the other. That's a great earning opportunity.

2. Make your Laptop a Mini-Cybercafe: All you simply need is data connection and you can sell time to colleagues to use it and go online. Prohibit Watching of videos so as to save your data cost and also install adblock and other data saving extensions to minimize data usage. You can Instantly generate Income from that one as Nigerians love surfing the net.

3. Print Documents and Check E-mail for people: If you have a workable printer, you can simply make money with it by printing email attachments or document for colleagues and charge them at standard rate. Some people even prefer to check their email from a computer even in the advent of the smartphone. That's another earning opportunity.

4. Train Another Person on Basic Computing Skills: You made a mistake thinking everybody knows computing because you know it. A lot of nigerians don't even know how to operate the mouse and are even willing to learn. To such people, you can be a private tutor and teach them those basic skills like typing, graphic designs, etc.

5. Install PC Games for Others : Nigerians, youths especially are so obsessed with computer games. Another Earning opportunity. If you have them in your system, rather than watsing precious time with it, why not install it for others who need them and make a little cash from it.

6. Write and Sell your articles: Can you write very well? then why not utilize that skill and sell your articles to sites that need them. Read this article on how to write and get paid in Nigeria

Those are some of the ways you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria. Apply them and start making money from that system.
Over to You, What other ways do you know which a typical Nigerian can make money from his laptop or computing skill.
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MTN Awuf4U Promo: Get 300% Bonus on all Recharges

MTN Awuf4U promo
MTN Awuf4u is a promo introduced by MTN, in which you get a whooping 300% bonus on all your recharges with the code.

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For Instance, if you recharge 100 Naira with the MTN Awuf4U code, you get a 300 naira bonus on your line. You can use this bonus for can to all networks, browsing, SMS, etc.

Its validity period depends on the amount you recharge. A recharge of 100-200 Naira lasts for 14 days while an upward of 200 Naira recharge last for 30-days.

MTN Awuf4U code

To get the MTN awuf bonus, dial *888*recharge pin#. For instance your recharge pin is 123456789. Then to get your bonus, dial *888*123456789# and your MTN awuf bonus would immediately be credited to you.

Call Rate for the MTN Awuf4U promo

All calls you make from your MTN Awuf balance is charged at 45k/s which is quite considerable. After exhausting the bonus, your call rate will return to the normal rate you previously suscribed to.

International Call Rate with MTN Awuf4U Balance

The International call rate with your Awuf4U balance is at 66k/s. Here is a list of a few countries out of the 28 countries you can make your call to with the Awuf plan:

Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Hongkong, China, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Malaysia, etc.

SMS Rates with MTN Awuf4U

SMS with your MTN Awuf4U bonus is charged at 4 Naira per SMS. You are limited to 75 SMS per week with the Awuf plan.

Code to check your MTN Awuf4U Balance

To check your MTN Awuf4U balance, dial *556*14# to see your balance.

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Glo formula: Get 4X Your Recharge on Glo To Browse or Call Any Network

Glo formula
Glo 4X Recharge popularly known as  Glo 4mula is one the trending promo introduced by Glo which quadruples your airtime recharge for call to any network, browsing, SMS.

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This means anytime you load 100 Naira airtime using the glo formula code, you instantly receive 400 Naira bonus to call any network, browse or send SMS.

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The Glo formula bonus works for any amount you load with the code.

How long does glo formula bonus last?

How long it lasts depends on the amount you load. If you load 100 Naira using the codefor instance, your glo formula balance will last for only 14 days.

On the other hand, if you load 200 Naira upward, for instance 500 Naira, your bonus balance will last for 30 days.

Glo Formula Code

To get your glo 4x recharge bonus. Use *323*Recharge Pin#. For instance, *323*123456789#. You instantly get your bonus with that code.

Glo Formula Balance

To check your Glo formula bonus balance, dial #122*30#.


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How To Stop Caller tunes on MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat

Callertunes are songs that plays on your line while someone is making a call to it. Its sometimes really Annoying when you discover it deducts your money weekly for its subscription. That why I will show you how to stop callertunes in MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat.

If you want to cancel your MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo caller tunes or ring back tunes, you've come to the right place because I will tell you everything you need to know about deactivating it and how to stop its auto renewal.

Just follow the steps outlined below and you will successfully stop callertunes in MTN, Airtel, Etisalat or Glo.

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How To Stop MTN Caller tunes

To stop MTN Callertunes, all you need to do is to send CANCEL to 4100 and you will receive a notification shortly informing you that you have successfully deactivated you MTN callertunez subscription.

How To Stop Airtel Caller tunes

To stop callertunes in Airtel, simply send Stop to 791 and you have successfully canceled it.

How To Stop Glo Callertunes

To stop glo callertunes, simply send Dereg to 7728 or dial 7728 and follow the voice instructions to cancel it.

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How To Stop Etisalat Caller tunes

Simply send RBTOFF to 251 and that all.

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With this tips, you will be able to stop callertunes in MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat.
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