stop glo data auto renewalGlo automatically renews the data plans of customers once their current bundle has expired. This sometimes turns off customers who are shocked to see their credit balance deducted. Today, I will show you how to stop the auto renewal of data plan in glo.

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Glo auto renewal means that glo automatically re-subscribe your data plan when it expires or when it is exhausted. Not only does this takes place in glo, it also takes place in other mobile networks like Airtel, MTN and Etisalat.

How To Stop Glo Data Plan Auto Renewal Easily

To stop glo auto renewal successfully, simply send 'CANCEL' to 127. You would receive a notification message that you have successfully deactivated the auto renewal of your data plan.

Note, this should be done while your data is still available not when it has expired as it will likely auto renew immediately after then.

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