etisalat data plansHere is the Updated List of the cheapest Etisalat Data Plan and Subscription Codes 2017. As always, Etisalat Data Plans is one the best data plans. A lot of people chooses Etisalat Data plans over others because of its flexibility, speed and cheapness.

No doubt Etisalat is one of the fastest and cheapest ISP Provider in the country. It also has the most cheapest tariff plans and call rates for users. That's why I encourage you to also suscribe for their data plans. I will also show you how to Stop Etisalat data plan auto renewal in some other post.

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Here, you'll find the list of etisalat data plans and how to subscribe for them. You can make use of them in your Laptop, Mobile Phone or Ipads. Its speed and flexibility makes it suitable for any device at all. See the List Below.

Etisalat Data Plans And Its Subscription Codes Below

1. N50=10MB. Last for 1-day. Dial *229*3*8#.
This is etisalat cheapest data plan. It allocates 10mb for 50 naira.

2. N100=50MB. Last for 1-day. Dial *229*3*1#.
The etisalat 100 naira data plan gives you 50mb for 100 naira.

3. N200=200MB. Last for 1-week. Dial *229*2*10#.
With this Plan, you get 200MB for 7-days at cost of 200 naira only.

4. N500=1GB. Last for only weekends Fridays to Sundays. Dial *5995*2#.
The 500 naira plan allocates 1GB for only weekends. It is part of the etisalat weekend data plans.

5. N500=500MB. Last for 30-days (1-month). Dial *229*2*12#.
Unlike the weekend plan, this pack allocates 500mb to you for just 500 naira.

6. N1000=1GB. Last for 30-days. Dial *229*2*7#.
The etisalt 1000 naira plan gives you 1GB to last for 1 month (30 days)

7. N1200=1.5GB. Lat for 30-days. Dial *229*2*25#.
This plan gives you 1.5GB to last for 1 month at the cost of 1200 naira only.

8. N2000=2.5GB. Last 30-days. Dial *229*2*8#.
The etisalat 2000 naira data plan allocates a whooping 2.5GB. It is billed to last for one month.

9. N2500=3.5GB. Last 30-days. Dial *229*2*26#.

10. N3500=5GB. Last 30-days. Dial *229*2*9#.

11. N8000=11.5GB. Last 30-days. Dial *229*2*5#.

12. N10000=15GB. Valid for 30-days. Dial *229*4*1#.

13.18000=27.5GB. Valid for 30-days. Dial*229*4*3#.

14. N84,992=100GB. Valid for 30 days. Dial *229*4*5#

15. N110,000=120GB. Valid for 365 days (1 year). Dial *229*5*3# to suscribe.

How to Suscribe for Etisalat Data Plans

To suscribe for any of the above plans, simply dial its correspnding code as shown above. For example, to suscribe for the 1000 naira plan, you simply dial *229*2*7#. To know more about etisalat data plans, you can visit their website.

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