List of Best Business Schools in Nigeria You Should Attend 2017

List of Best Business Schools in Nigeria You Should Attend 2017
List of Best Business Schools in Nigeria You Should Attend 2017

Which are the best business schools in Nigeria? You are going to find out in this post. Read more below to the full list.

Business Schools plays a great role nowadays especially in the line of Business which is what most Nigerian Graduates are going into after they have graduated from the University since there are limited number of employments in Nigeria.

What Is a Business School? Business School is an institution established with the purpose to equip or train individuals and interested ones who applied to study in them on how business matters are handled and the best way to implement ideas in Business world.

Are There Business Schools in Nigeria? Yes, we now have Business Schools in Nigeria which is equipped to train individuals within the Locality (Nigeria) or from outside the State without the Person having to Travel overseas to study in other Business Schools.

Over the years, Nigerian Business Schools have become quite popular as many graduates who attend it comes out fully prepared to enter the labor market and unleash the Business skills they have acquired from attending a Business School.

Do you want to attend a Business School?

Do You want to attend any of the Nigerian Business Schools?

Are you looking for a list of business schools in Nigeria?

If you have a Yes Answer to all the questions above then we can help you as we have compiled a list of the Best Business Schools in Nigeria.


1. Lagos Business School
The Lagos business School is one of the Business Schools in Lagos owned and managed by the PAN-ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY located in Nigeria. The Lagos Business School is also accredited to run Online MBA Programmes. it is located at Lekki in Lagos.

2. African Business School
The 2nd best Business School in Nigeria is the African Business who is well known for its high quality education.

The Business School was established in 2000 and is located in Gwarimpa Region of Abuja.

3. Executive Business School
The Executive business school which was established on 2007 is though not the best Nigerian Business School but is well known for Offering high quality Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses in Business Management.

4. Delta Business School
The Delta Business School, Also Known As Delta School of Business and Technology is located in Warri, Delta State.

5. Fate Foundation Business School
The Fate Foundation is one of the best Nigerian Business Schools Located in Lagos State which was established in 2004.

6. West African Business School
This is an African based business school which is operational in different african countries mostly Nigeria and Ghana.

7. University Of Lagos Business School
This is the Second Best Business School in Nigeria owned by an Accredited Nigerian University located in Lagos State.

8. Unicarribbean Business School
This is one of the most popular Business School Accredited by the National University Commision (NUC).

9. Bowell Business School
The Number in the List of the Business Schools in Nigeria is the Bowell Business school.

10. GPE Business School
This is the First South Eastern Business School to make the list of our Best Nigerian Business Schools.

That is the full list of the top ten business schools in Nigeria for 2017.



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